I vegetalize the slopes.
  Do you? 

Our history

About us

Founded in 1995 by André PIEYRE in Rillieux-la-Pape,
Atalus now distributes the French Atalus patent worldwide.

Atalus - 3 tailles
Murs de soutènement végétalisés

Entrust us with your atalus retaining wall projects

We have over 26 years experience in constructing atalus vegetated retaining walls and engineering structures (bridges), with more than 3 million atalus installations worldwide. The atalus requires no foundation and is not reinforced. They can be completely dismantled and reused to create other concrete structures. Now operating on 4 continents, atalus continues to grow, and we're always on the lookout for new licensees.

Wherever you are, we can offer you the atalus solution.

Your satisfaction is our only concern!

Over 26 years experience

Atalus double pour murs anti-bruit

A thorough understanding of retaining walls

Our aim is to create retaining walls that don't look like retaining walls, whether they're curved, sloped, or staircases. But the most effective way of achieving this is to plant your wall, making it invisible, underplanting, and creating a green wall.

Our know-how enables us to create walls of great heights, landscaped walls, flower beds, and even hanging gardens.

Tell us your ideas, and we'll take care of the rest!

We dream of walls hidden under rose bushes.

Atalus double pour murs anti-bruit

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