I vegetalize the slopes.
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Atalus 120 - Up to 26m

Atalus 120, 3, 9 units per m² up to 26 m height 

Atalus 120 is a hollow concrete block of 120 kg, it is always used with a bed reinforced with atanappes geotextiles.

The principle of installation remains the same on a simple clean concrete, the atanappes are unrolled perpendicularly to the wall and have a resistance of 10, 15 tons per meter. 

The volume of topsoil is 250 liters per m² of wall, which allows for the planting of larger plants. 

This is an ideal solution for the return walls of engineering structures, access ramps, landslide repairs, walls of great heights, walls in seismic zones, and major works. Our main clients are public works, highway companies and design offices. 

Quantitative projects are free of charge.

Works of art 

The height of the wall, its inclination, the presence of geotextile (length, nature, position), are the subject of a Calculation Note established by the Design Office, according to the geometrical and geotechnical assumptions of the wall transmitted by the customer.We are not responsible if no calculation note has been provided, if it has not been respected or if the assumptions have not been verified.

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