I vegetalize the slopes.
  Do you? 

Atalus 18 - Less than 2m

Flower Walls

Atalus 18, 18 kg, 13 units per m² Maximum height 2 m

A simple product, easy to install (without foundation), which adapts to all configurations (curves, angles, tendrils, connections...), which disappears under vegetation or flowers.

A green wall with integrated watering, with 100 liters of topsoil per m² of wall.

The roots enter the backfill thanks to the half-bottom of the atalus.
Enlarge the 4 installation drawings and do not change the scale. An ideal solution for low landscape walls, garage downspouts, flower walls, landscaped gardens, resting places, planters, pool surrounds, foot of embankments or to decorate your garden.

The main customers are private individuals, landscapers, retailers. 

Quantitative projects are free of charge

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